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Founded in 1997 by Angela DeFinis, DeFinis Communications is a boutique communications firm specializing in presentation skills training and executive speech coaching.

We offer programs and services that help employees at leading corporations deliver compelling internal and external presentations. Our offerings include presentation skills programs for professionals, individual contributors, salespeople, technical employees, and senior and executive leadership. In addition to group training, we offer executive speech coaching and rehearsal preparation for corporate conferences, events, and keynotes.

Our mission is to help you build knowledge and skill, accelerate your performance, and utilize tools for continuous learning. Prepared, polished and high performing, our clients gain the ability to successfully communicate in a changing and challenging global marketplace.

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Encore! Presentation Skills

Our flagship program helps you gain comfort and skill in delivering internal and external presentations. Develop and deliver a presentation from start to finish with the help of video coaching, feedback and practice.

Technical Demo Presentation Skills

Created for the technical demo presenter, this program will help you accelerate your ability to clearly present your ideas and demonstrate your company’s products and services.


Recharge! Sales Presentation Skills

Our high energy sales program teaches the fundamentals of sales presentation excellence. It will help you build and deliver a business solution that highlights the benefits of your unique, differentiated offerings.


Advanced Presentation Skills

Designed for senior leaders, this program helps you keep your speaking skills sharp so you can project greater confidence and power. The program provides intense individual analysis and coaching to help you improve and strengthen your existing skills.

Executive Speech Coaching

Highly tailored for senior and Executive leaders, this one-to-one program will give you a clear, professional analysis of your skills, insights into your strengths, and a diplomatic and constructive review of your development areas.

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Building Professional Presence

Geared for new-to-intermediate speakers and designed for large groups, BPP helps you gain fundamental presentation knowledge and skills. Build your professional presence by learning how to deliver an effective presentation.


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