DeFinis Communications

Founded in 1997 by Angela DeFinis, DeFinis Communications is a boutique communications firm specializing in presentation skills training. The company offers programs and services to support leading corporations in delivering consistently professional internal and external presentations. Our offerings include one-, two-, and three-day presentation skills training programs for professionals, individual contributors, salespeople, technical employees, and senior and executive leadership. In addition to group training, we offer executive speech coaching and rehearsal preparation for corporate conferences, events, and keynotes. Our mission is to build knowledge and skill, accelerate performance, and provide tools for continuous learning to help our clients successfully communicate in a changing, challenging, global marketplace.

The watchword of the DeFinis Communications approach is “compassion.” In our training programs and executive coaching sessions, we create a safe and supportive environment where every individual is respectfully challenged to discover his or her own brand of power and confidence. With the right conceptual knowledge, plenty of hands-on practice, and the generous support of a seasoned coach, we believe that anyone can excel at public speaking.

Our small group size gives every participant the opportunity to experience longer coaching rounds with an intense focus on granular skill practice, repetition, and refinement. Participants work on a relevant business topic of their choice using “real play” rather than “role play” to optimize training. Our talented instructors are experienced professional trainers and expert coaches who are versatile in meeting the specific individual needs of our clients. Fully versed in our Line by Line Coaching process, our coaches go beyond giving generic feedback to providing deeper insight and specific direction for skill improvement. Highlighting small but significant behaviors can make the difference for exceptional speaking performance.