Frequently Asked Questions

What makes DeFinis Communications different from other presentation skills training companies?

What set’s us apart is our small class size, use of a relevant business topic, proprietary learning model and Line by Line Coaching process. Most of our programs are limited to 8 participants, giving everyone the opportunity for greater class participation and individual attention. With fewer people in class individual coaching sessions are longer and there is more intensive skill practice with a seasoned coach. Because participants work on a relevant business topic they use “real play” rather than “role play” to optimize training.

Our talented instructors, some of whom have been with DeFinis Communications since our founding in 1997, are professional trainers and expert coaches who are versatile in meeting the individual needs of our clients. Fully versed in our Line by Line Coaching process, our coaches go beyond giving general feedback and provide deeper insight and concentrated skill coaching. We not only help participants eliminate their most noticeable and distracting habits, we also help them refine behaviors that can make a significant difference for a polished performance.

What is your training methodology?

Our training approach combines lecture-demonstration, group discussion, individual work and our signature Line by Line Coaching process.

Our programs are designed so that each participant can build a complete business presentation during the program. Content, slides and delivery are designed and refined during the program in preparation for final presentations. As a result of this process participants have a fully rehearsed presentation ready to give immediately following the program.

The Connection Loop learning model guides participants through a step-by-step process to help them create, develop, and rehearse a presentation from start to finish. The Connection Loop methodology provides powerful tools and techniques to help participants improve all aspects of their presentation skills. DeFinis clients are prepared, polished and high performing.

What is Line by Line Coaching?

Line by Line Coaching is an intensive training method based on the power of immediate feedback, direction, repetition and encouragement. To begin the process we work with a client using only one or two specific lines of their talk, and sometimes using as few as one or two words. We may repeat a phrase or sentence several times refining delivery and adding more and more layers of skill. By giving directions such as, “repeat after me,” “try this,” “do it again,” or “now add this;” and, by recording each session digitally, clients see and feel improvement in their skills, style and confidence. This intense coaching approach achieves immediate improvement and long lasting results.

Do you offer public programs for individuals?

We do not offer public programs for individuals but would be happy to speak with you to discuss our group training offerings for your company’s consideration.

Who will deliver your training programs to our company?

All of our group-training programs are delivered by one of our talented instructors, some of whom have been with DeFinis Communications since our founding in 1997. Our trainers are seasoned professional facilitators who are versatile in meeting the individual needs of our clients. Certified in our core methodology and Line by Line Coaching process, our trainers are equipped to build knowledge and skill, provide deeper insight into strengths and development needs and offer compassionate coaching. Once we know more about your project we will recommend the DeFinis Communications trainer who can best support your project needs.

What is the cost of your programs?

Our typical fees are based on a total program cost that includes facilitation and materials. Before we quote prices we need to understand the overall scope of the project, the development needs and goals of the individuals to be trained as well as the timeline, location of the training and other details. We offer standard pricing as well as volume discounts for larger implementations.

Do you conduct business outside of the Bay Area?

Yes. While we are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, many of our clients are located in other parts of the country. We are happy to travel to your location to deliver our programs.

How much advance notice do you need to schedule programs?

We can usually accommodate your training request with 1-2 months advance. We will be as flexible as we can in meeting your schedule requirements.

What are the most common challenges your clients face?

We typically hear the same litany of challenges: Not having enough time to prepare, not practicing “out loud,” struggling with anxiety, not following a tested format or sometimes even, “over preparing.” When we ask our clients how they prepare, we often hear, “I usually put a few slides together and go over them in my head.” While PowerPoint is a useful tool in today’s business environment, it is only one small part of the preparation process. We help our clients understand how to fully and effectively prepare to give a successful presentation.

How do you measure success?

Each coaching session, including the final presentation, is video recorded, reviewed and analyzed. Using a performance worksheet to measure improvement, clients see their progress charted on paper as well as digitally. They also have the subjective experience of knowing they have improved.

Clients “self report” changes they see and feel in their presentation skills. When we see clients integrating our methods, increasing their energy and delivering a more polished performance we know the needle has moved. The program instructor completes a final feedback form for each participant after the final presentation. We take this very seriously.