June is Effective Communications Month!

The month of June is dedicated to highlighting the importance of using successful communication skills to enhance your personal, team and workplace development. For public speakers, communicating in a clear, powerful and engaging manner is essential to effectively connecting with an audience and achieving your intended result.  Whether you are speaking at a staff meeting, delivering a high stakes keynote or sharing stories at the dinner table, using good communication skills will help you achieve both personal and professional success.

To help celebrate this month, we wanted to share two infographics that examine situations where effective communication is essential. The first, created by Brandeis University, shows what makes a great project manager. The second, created by the University of Southern California, highlights employee engagement trends. While these graphics don’t directly comment on the art of public speaking, they provide a number of tips that public speakers can use to improve their craft and communicate more effectively. Please feel free to share these resources with your audience to help celebrate Effective Communications Month!