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"I have worked with Angela DeFinis for the last fifteen years both at Sun and Autodesk. She is a consummate professional who brings her intelligence, wit and passion to all of her consulting projects. Her vast knowledge, refined communication skills and high regard for the customer make her an invaluable asset to improving the performance of all our professional staff. If you're seeking a talented partner to support the development of your organization I cannot recommend her more highly."
                Jan Becker, SVP Human Resources
                Autodesk, Inc., San Rafael, CA

"In a world of rapid change, organizations can benefit from the professional knowledge and training which DeFinis Communications provides. Angela DeFinis is a seasoned professional with an intuitive ability to quickly assess organizational problems and anticipate potential trouble areas before they occur. Her advice and the training she has provided me and my staff in three different companies has been invaluable to our success."
                Glen Vondrick, President/CEO
                Facetime Communications, Foster City, CA

"It's hard to believe what a huge difference spending even an hour or two with Angela DeFinis will make in your public speaking ability. It's a very positive, confidence- building experience, less about what you're doing wrong than about what you can do to be even better. Angela points out the techniques that professional speakers and even actors use, which makes the training intellectually interesting as well as fun. The Executive Staff got so much out of just three hours with Angela that we brought her back so that our Managing Attorneys would have the opportunity, and we'll do it again."
                Buck Parker, Executive Director
                Earthjustice, Oakland, CA

"Not long ago I hired DeFinis Communications to teach a presentation skills course for a group of demonstration artists. This group needs to be capable of speaking to a large crowd while running complex 3D animation software as well as running the audio video equipment. If that isn't hard enough, they commonly do this in a loud and distracting trade show environment. Angela DeFinis worked closely with me to customize the class to our specific and peculiar needs and then delivered a truly well laid out and highly effective course while completely winning over a skeptical group of students. Not only has everyone in the company commented on the improvement in the demonstrations but Angela even came to one of our shows later to check on our progress. I would recommend Angela and DeFinis Communications to anyone who wants to improve their technical presentations."
                Shawn Hendriks, Manager, Special Projects
                Discreet, Toronto, Canada