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At DeFinis Communications performance success is our highest aim. We offer a variety of programs and services to help your employees enhance their presentation skills and progress to the next level in their role as speakers. We know that proficient speaking skills are critical to success in achieving winning business results and we have put our expertise to task in helping you get there. We have designed our programs and services specifically to help you achieve your most important initiatives because we know that communicating effectively with others is the one requisite skill for professional and personal success.

Our offerings are designed to maximize skill development and build the confidence necessary to deliver optimal business results through speaking. The key elements of our methodology include lecture modules, skill and technique demonstrations, multiple practice exercises, DVD or video feedback and rigorous interactive coaching. Through this approach we guide participants to learn new skills and behaviors, develop the conviction to tackle the difficult process of repeated practice and build a tool kit of useful troubleshooting techniques for every speaking occasion.

We also offer a variety of individually tailored consulting services to help your company prepare for special presentations and events.

You can rely on our programs and services to boost the communication and presentation skills of your business professionals and to build the expertise to help your organization present itself in a confident, persuasive manner.