"I can truly say that Angela’s Line by Line Coaching™; process, along with her specific and helpful tips, has taken my presentations to a whole new level. Where people once nodded appreciatively at the end of a presentation, they now applaud! That’s a great feeling—and I owe it all to Angela DeFinis."

Trudy Triner
Practice Leader Consultant
STAR Leadership
Kaiser Permanente

Angela’s Topics

Angela DeFinis

Dynamic Delivery. Engaging Content. Inspiring Stories. Elegance at Work.

Angela DeFinis is a speaker, author, consultant and CEO/Founder of DeFinis Communications, Inc. She offers dynamic presentations that range from 45 minutes to one hour in length. She is available for keynotes and breakout sessions. All her presentations can be customized to meet the needs of your group.

Don’t see a topic that addresses your most pressing need? Contact Angela today and she will create a program just for you!

Angela’s most requested topics include:

  • Wake Me When the Presentation is Over: Infuse Passion and Power into Every Speaking Opportunity

    Learn the secrets professional speakers use to keep an audience energized and engaged. In this presentation, Angela reveals how to hold an audience’s attention using her signature Connection Loop model so you can elegantly transfer knowledge to your listeners. You’ll also discover how to use your physical presence to make a good first impression, how to use your voice as a seamless instrument to your important messages, and how to organize your message so you can persuade, inspire, motivate, and educate. Angela believes that everything you do and say impacts those around you. She’ll show you how to maximize your every movement and your every word to win your audience’s attention and respect...and keep it throughout your entire presentation. Whether you’re on the platform, in front of your staff, or at the dinner table, you can communicate with greater poise, passion, and power. Angela will show you how.

  • Sales Presentation Strategies: Avoid the Seven Traps that Sink Salespeople

    Your sales team needs to effectively present your company’s products, services, and ideas in a way that moves prospects to action. But between time constraints, added responsibilities, and hectic schedules, many salespeople get sloppy with their approach and ultimately lose more prospects than they convert into paying clients. Let Angela motivate and inspire your sales team to connect with prospects in a compelling way that leads to success and helps them avoid the Seven Sales Traps. In this presentation your sales team will learn how to enhance their delivery skills, organize their presentation effectively, employ powerful closing techniques, handle questions and objections with ease, and create and use visual aids that prompt prospects to say “yes.” With a little knowledge, thought, and practice, your sales team can exceed any sales goal. Angela will show you how.

  • Build Your Professional Presence: Enhance Your Credibility, Confidence, and Competence

    Fact: Your audience sizes you up and makes a decision about whether to trust and listen to you in just a few short milliseconds. Therefore, as a speaker or presenter, your job is to make a fast first impression that showcases your credibility, confidence, and competence. Let Angela show you how to use your body, voice, and words to communicate your expertise in a way that makes audience members eager to learn from you. In this presentation you will learn how to portray professionalism with you physical presence, how to connect with your vocal resonance, and how to inspire with your distinctive language. By enhancing these three elements—your presence, your voice, and your words—you’ll display comfort and confidence in your everyday presentations and will attain your career goals. Angela will show you how.

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