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Speaking Spas™

What if you knew that every time you stepped in front of an audience you would be powerfully equipped to ignite a connection and inspire action?

You've seen speakers do just this—perform confidently in the spotlight and on the spot. They always seem to know exactly how to engage others and win their confidence. Can you be this kind of speaker? Yes, You Can!

The DeFinis Difference

If you want to improve your presentations skills, overcome your fear of public speaking, accelerate your sales presentations, enhance your credibility and build your professional presence you've come to the right place.

DeFinis Communications offers a core curriculum designed for speakers at all levels-- beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our powerful success model and breakthrough coaching process provides results – for you, your team, and your company.

The Connection Loop™

The Connection Loop™

The Connection Loop is our signature success model that guides the learning process and creates change. When you adopt The Connection Loop methodology you will learn powerful tools and solid techniques to help you accelerate all aspects of your presentation skills from content development to PowerPoint design to performance and delivery skills. If you want to achieve new levels of self-esteem and performance success, The Connection Loop will lead the way.

Line by Line Coaching™

Get ready for an experience that will change your life! With our breakthrough Line by Line Coaching™ process you will learn critical fundamentals and solid techniques that will help you accelerate all aspects of your speaking skills. Our innovative coaching method will strengthen your natural abilities, boost your confidence, and help you become the speaker you always knew you could be. If you expect transformation you won’t be disappointed.

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Speaking Spas™!

Speaking Spas is a new concept—a speaking school designed especially for professional women who want to accelerate their presentation skills and enjoy the nurturing and relaxation of a spa setting. Join Angela and the DeFinis team. It will change your life!

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