"Angela DeFinis is a true professional and a masterful teacher, able to persuade people from various backgrounds and experience how her proven methods can dramatically improve anyone’s presentation skills. She is a true master of her art."

Glen D. Vondrick
Chief Operating Officer
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Executive Immersion

Presentation Skills for Executive Women

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Our proven coaching methods and the skillful guidance of our talented consultants ensure that you will experience tangible results in your presentation and leadership skills. This program will provide lifelong value. It will change your life!

Important conversations . . . Compelling presentations . . . Credible professional image. These are a few of the critical skills that define executive excellence.

Research tells us that executive development happens over time. As an executive you face on-going leadership challenges. You must master new knowledge and skills to strengthen existing professional experience and further guide personal judgment. By learning to communicate more effectively, you can rise to the challenge of everyday communication, project an image of confidence, and deliver presentations with greater power. As you accelerate your communication skills you equip yourself to lead with strength and passion—and become a powerful leader who knows how to educate, influence, persuade, and inspire.

  • Challenge: As an executive, you know that whenever you stand up to speak the stakes are higher. So how can you enhance your presentation skills in a way that is uniquely calibrated to your role, responsibilities and personal preferences?
  • Solution: The Executive Immersion Program will move you to the next level by enhancing your natural abilities—not by pressing you into a mold. This program includes four face-to-face half-day sessions scheduled over a six month period with three phone consultations between sessions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Executive Immersion program, you will be able to:

  • Accelerate your performance delivery skills—physical presence, vocal resonance, and distinctive language— to help you look, speak, and act in a manner consistent with your company culture, role, and career goals
  • Learn to use a content structure to keep you focused and on-track—with or without a speechwriter
  • Adopt strategies that will help you exude a polished, professional image and enhance your personal style
  • Master powerful techniques to understand the mind of your audience, your customers, and your executive team, thus increasing the quality of your communications with listener-focused conversations
  • Raise the bar and model a high standard for superior presentations for your employees, peers, colleagues, and all members of the workforce.

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