"Once again, my sincere thanks for your most gracious, generous coaching. You made it look easy and even more important, possible, so I will keep at it, inspired to deliver my upcoming talk now equipped with the skills that the content deserves."

Mija Riedel
Writer, Researcher

Encore! Elegant Skills for Powerful Presentations

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When you discover the Connection Loop you will accelerate your presentation skills and learn to create greater audience engagement and more elegant knowledge transfer.

2 Days. 8 Participants. 1 Facilitator. All Levels.


Too much information. Nervous energy. Audience disengagement. These challenges and more face most speakers every day. By learning to organize your content and deliver it with power and passion you can conquer these highly ineffective behaviors and become a strong, effective speaker who knows how to bring your audience to life.

Encore! is a highly dynamic, interactive, hands-on learning laboratory. Our elite presentation skills training and coaching process is uniquely calibrated to each individual so you get the focus and attention you need to succeed. As one of only eight participants you will experience the power of personalized attention and compassionate coaching. We use dynamic media and high-energy learning activities to help you accelerate your presentation skills so you can create greater audience engagement and more elegant knowledge transfer. Our signature Line by Line Coaching™ process will transform all aspects of your presentation.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Encore! program you will be able to:

  • Create and maintain audience connection using critical action steps to keep your audience involved and responsive
  • Accelerate your performance delivery skills: physical presence, vocal resonance, and distinctive language
  • Increase your overall skill use through our signature Line by Line Coaching™ and feedback process
  • Implement the DeFinis Navigator, a fail-safe method for content development that boosts your ability to stay on message and keep your audience on course
  • Use various rhetorical devices including stories, examples, data, quotes, and other rich sources of support evidence to build more meaningful content
  • Use visual-aid strategies to strongly support your message and create audience involvement

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