Our signature Line by Line Coaching™ process will quickly strengthen your natural abilities and boost your confidence so you can give presentations that inspire action.

What Participants Say

“This was an outstanding course! Although we worked hard, the tempo was great and high energy levels were sustained throughout. The class interaction was really enjoyable and the instructors were professional and passionate. They wanted us to succeed—and we did!”

“I loved the Line by Line Coaching™ sessions, as terrifying as they were! If you value your customers, you will take this course.”

“Above all, the instructors were kind and compassionate in working with us to improve. Our final presentations were amazing—everyone moved to the next level!”

“Well done and thank you. This has been one of the best classes I’ve had in my corporate career—practical and immediately useful. The Connection Loop made it all come together for me. I know what I learned in this class will last a lifetime.”

“I was extremely impressed with the Encore program and our talented instructor. I learned so much in such a short time. The (DeFinis) Navigator is just what I’ve needed to organize and prepare my presentations. I am now much more confident and ready to present!”

“This was like one of those makeover shows—miraculous transformations by everyone in the class.”

“When you go through the Encore program, you get baked, boiled and fired! But you come out extremely polished and calm and much better able to connect with your audience.”

“This program gives you a look into the mind of the audience. Once you know what they want you can present technical information more effectively.”

“Exceptional course—indispensable feedback from video and instructor, perfect pacing, easy to absorb, great coaching. I will be urging my staff to enroll, perhaps even nagging them to do so.”

“Great balance between theory/instruction and practice. We were always asked to incorporate what we just learned—to practice immediately—very effective. This is a powerful method and it really works!”

“The Line by Line Coaching™ was nerve-racking but the immediate improvement was amazing! Watching the DVD was the best part—seeing bad habits so quickly replaced with real skill. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I made a lot of progress in a short time.”

“Our entire sales staff went through this program and the reports are in—more memorable customer presentations have lead to increased sales. The DeFinis Recharge program has made a difference.”

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