"I can truly say that Angela’s Line by Line Coaching™ process, along with her specific and helpful tips, has taken my presentations to a whole new level. Where people once nodded appreciatively at the end of a presentation, they now applaud! That’s a great feeling—and I owe it all to Angela DeFinis."

Trudy Triner
Practice Leader Consultant
STAR Leadership
Kaiser Permanente

Speaking Spas™

Presentation Skills for Women Leaders

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Speaking Spas is the ultimate professional development forum for women who want to work through their speaking challenges with the support of the expert DeFinis team, a pot of soothing tea and a hot stones massage.

In the spotlight. On the spot. As more women take on leadership positions as entrepreneurs, business owners, in politics and government positions, as corporate leaders and in the non-profit sector, the opportunities for women to influence are greater than ever before. Women leaders innovate, persuade, integrate, raise standards, challenge, create policy and ultimately change lives. And much of their success depends on how well they communicate and the quality of their presentation skills.

Strong public speaking skills are critical. Yet giving presentations arouses fear and uncertainty for most people. It can be a stressful, lonely and nerve-wracking process. You have a lot on your plate already and may not have the time to devote to preparation. And while you know the importance of strengthening your presentation skills, you may not know where to begin.

  • Challenge: So how can you take on the challenge of professional growth, position yourself for career advancement and refine and polish your speaking skills without adding more pressure to your already stressful life?
  • Solution: Speaking Spas! A residential program, Speaking Spas is designed for a select group of twelve women working with two DeFinis Communications consultants over four days in a nurturing spa setting.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Speaking Spas program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the essence of communication excellence and use The Connection Loop™ to help you take critical action steps to keep your audience involved and engaged in a meaningful relationship
  • Be a compelling role model for powerful and effective communication and presentation skills among your employees, superiors, colleagues, customers, business associates, your community and others with whom you come in contact
  • Confidently perform in the spotlight and on the spot by using three important performance delivery skills: physical presence, vocal resonance, and distinctive language. Demonstrate poise, power and passion to persuade and influence with greater skill, competence and confidence
  • Understand the importance of using a structure to prepare your message and implement the DeFinis Navigator, a fail-safe content design tool that supports your ability to stay on message and keep your audience on course
  • Tell powerful stories and use various rhetorical devices including metaphor, examples, data, quotes, humor and other rich sources of support evidence to build relevant, meaningful content
  • Use creative, state of the art visual-aid strategies to reinforce your message, keep you on track and create audience involvement
  • Pursue your action plan and adopt a method for continuous learning so you can refine and develop all aspects of your communication and presentation skills throughout the course of your career

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Speaking Spas™!

Speaking Spas is a new concept—a speaking school designed especially for professional women who want to accelerate their presentation skills and enjoy the nurturing and relaxation of a spa setting. Join Angela and the DeFinis team. It will change your life!

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