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How to Create and Deliver Business Presentations
for an Asian Audience

Special Report Asian Audience
Doing a business presentation to fellow American colleagues and clients is often one of the most stressful aspects of someone’s job. But often, it’s nothing in comparison to doing a business presentation to people from another culture, such as Asia. When presenting to people in other countries, not only do you have to focus on your content, language, delivery skills, and audience interaction, but you also have completely different cultural expectations to contend with. The good news is that by following and slightly adapting the core business presentation skills you use in the U.S., you can deliver a presentation to an overseas audience that highlights your expertise, builds a connection with your audience, and prompts them to take action on your words. This information-packed report will help you master the presentation skills nuances of China, Japan, Taiwan, India, and Singapore so you can achieve your business goals.

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How to Conduct a Successful Web-Based Presentation

Special Report Web Presentation
Web-based presentation and meeting tools, such as LIVE Meeting, Webex, and GoToMeeting, have been transforming the business world. But for many web presenters, they’re also fraught with challenges: How do you “read” an audience you can’t see? How do you keep people engaged in the web presentation? How do you structure your content so attendees receive the most value from your message? No matter what type of web presentation you’re doing—a live webinar, a recorded demo, or live audio over recorded video—this revealing report will give you the rules and tools you need to receive greater audience involvement, increased meeting productivity, and more results from your efforts.

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