"I can’t imagine a more enjoyable and supportive way to move through one of the most frightening personal challenges. The joy of being able to speak convincingly and have an audience love you—that’s beyond words!"

Jennie Schacht
Public Health Consultant
Cookbook Author

Building Professional Presence

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By learning how to develop and deliver an effective presentation, you can build your professional presence and have greater impact on those around you.

1 Day. 18-28 Participants. 1 Facilitator.

Today more than ever your presentation skills have a direct impact on your level of professional success. Those who display competence and comfort in their everyday presentations are viewed as more credible and are better able to persuade others. They are more successful in their everyday communications and attain their career goals. Those who communicate effectively work better on teams and with customers, employees, and co-workers. As a result, they help the company achieve greater success.

Even though effective speaking skills are critical in today’s business arena, for many people, the thought of giving presentations arouses fear and uncertainty. Because they lack basic knowledge of the fundamentals of presentation success, they think great speakers are born, not made. Yet the skills and techniques used by successful speakers are available to us all.

  • Challenge: So how can you take on the challenge of professional growth and learn the fundamentals of what it takes to give an effective presentation?
  • Solution: The Building Professional Presence program will introduce you to the important fundamental principles of successful public speaking so you can contribute more readily to your company’s success and achieve your professional goals. It is geared for beginning speakers.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Building Professional Presence program, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of using skills and techniques to successfully engage your audience throughout your presentation
  • Use fundamental delivery skills and strengthen your use of physical presence, vocal resonance, and distinctive language
  • Organize the content of a presentation so it delivers a clear, logical, and convincing message
  • Develop visual support materials to reinforce a presentation
  • Understand techniques to manage presentation anxiety and build self-confidence

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