"Every member of our team has flourished since taking your class. Their improved confidence and professionalism in presenting one on one, or one to many, is remarkably noticeable, resulting in immediate impact to our sales achievements and role as trusted advisors to our customers."

Glen D. Vondrick
Chief Operating Officer
Sendmail Inc.

Recharge! Boost Your Sales Performance

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These days, good isn’t good enough. You want your sales team to be compelling and competitive—to be informed and polished in every customer interaction.

1 Day. 12-14 Participants. 2 Facilitators.

Your sales team speaks to customers every day—on the phone, in person, on the web—and they do a good job. But these days, good isn’t good enough. They need to be compelling and competitive—to be informed and polished in every customer interaction.

From time to time, most salespeople fall into a “slump.” The presentation becomes stale, product or service excitement wanes, and customer involvement skills fall by the wayside. There are also times when you are launching a new product or selling to a new customer—times when you need to create a new message. If you want your company or department to succeed, you need enthusiastic salespeople who not only know the ins and outs of your products and services, but who can also innovate, present with finesse, and win the hearts and minds of their prospects and customers. So to be competitive, you need to help your sales team accelerate all aspects of their presentations so that every customer interaction leads to success.

  • Challenge: Your sales team knows what to do, but they don’t always do it. Their presentations have gotten sloppy and disorganized, and they don’t always focus on the customers’ needs. But you don’t want them out of the field for two or three full days of training.
  • Solution: Recharge! Boost Your Sales Performance program will help your sales team polish their existing skills and master new ones—in just one day. Geared for sales professionals at all levels.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Recharge! program, you will be able to:

  • Create and maintain audience connection using critical action steps to keep your audience involved and responsive
  • Accelerate your sales performance delivery skills: physical presence, vocal resonance, and distinctive language
  • Implement the DeFinis Navigator, a fail-safe method for content development that boosts your ability to stay on message and keep your audience on course
  • Use various rhetorical devices including stories, examples, data, quotes, and other rich sources of support evidence to build more customer-focused content
  • Gain customer commitment to engage in next steps and actions

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