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Presentation Skills
Training and Consulting

In today's competitive business environment the people who speak on behalf of your company must communicate with authority and influence. Whether selling to a major client or addressing internal audiences, your employees need to inspire their audiences through the use of an engaging style, fluid verbal skills, and clearly organized ideas. But this is where many employees come up short.

Few of us are trained in the art of delivering compelling presentations. While we have cultivated our own areas of expertise, presentation skills usually were not part of our curriculum.

DeFinis Communications recognizes this gap and offers training programs and services designed to strengthen awareness, sharpen skills and build confidence in speakers at all levels of the organization. We can help the speakers who represent your company's interests master the art of delivering successful presentations so that they will be able to speak with authority on your behalf. Our offerings will help your company:

Design presentations specifically geared to audience needs
Deliver presentations with conviction and authority
Conduct compelling product showcases
Handle large-scale events
Improve management meetings
Foster executive development

It is never easy to learn new speaking habits and skills, but at DeFinis Communications we have designed our training programs to make the experience as relevant and enjoyable as possible. We work with you to tailor our training to your needs. We diagnose quickly and provide practical techniques for improvement. We establish trust. We coach with rigor. We keep raising the bar. And as a result, our clients improve with each presentation.