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Our Approach

At the core of our training approach is a belief that training is an instrument for improving employee and organizational effectiveness. Every employee who gains greater command as a speaker contributes directly to the bottom line.

DeFinis Communications programs and services ensure the performance improvement of your employees by utilizing our unique training approach:

Small class size: Many presentation skills classes are too large to ensure the application of what they have learned. DeFinis Communications seminars are limited to eight students. Participants master new skills in a learning environment where the focus is on the individual. Each participant has ample time to develop and apply the new content and skills.
Focus on a single business topic: Each participant selects a subject area related to their current job responsibilities and communications needs. Through intense seminar coaching and rehearsal they leave class capable of immediately delivering an effective presentation.
Rigorous coaching: Performance anxiety challenges speakers at all levels of experience. We have found that as we coach for skill improvement, the confidence index also rises. Through our rigorous and supportive coaching method participants gain increased skills and consequently improved confidence.

All of our methods and techniques - a supportive learning environment, small class size, intimate learning lab, focus on one business topic, repetition of exercises, and rigorous coaching - are intentionally designed to produce seminar graduates who are immediately able to use their new skills on the job.