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The DeFinis Communications' Core Curriculum

DeFinis Communications is proud to offer a professional public speaking curriculum of 6 programs that represents our belief in continuous performance improvement. Our programs and services support the development of business speakers at all levels. From our one day introductory level program, to our highly specialized Executive Immersion, we help business speakers gain fundamental knowledge and skill and stay on track throughout the course of their careers.

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Encore! Elegant Skills for Powerful Presentations

  • Target Audience: Business professionals in all functional areas including sales, technical, management, and individual contributors in any industry.
  • Program Description: Encore! is a highly dynamic, interactive, hands-on learning laboratory. As one of only eight attendees in this two-day program, participants will experience the power of personalized attention and compassionate coaching. Dynamic media and high-energy learning activities help participants accelerate their presentation skills to create greater audience engagement and more powerful knowledge transfer. This program is video based and includes our signature Line by Line Coaching

Recharge! Sales Presentation Skills

  • Target Audience: Sales Managers, Sales Teams, Sales Professionals, and anyone who gives customer facing presentations in any industry.
  • Program Description: Recharge! is designed with the sales team in mind. The learning activities and coaching process are geared for sales professionals who want to move to the next level in delivering compelling presentations. This two-day program for 8-16 participants offers skills review, advanced practice and detailed content development. Individuals receive intensive Line by Line Coaching™ by one or two instructors depending on group size.

Technical Demo Presentation Skills

  • Target Audience: Technical presenters, application engineers, and anyone who gives product demonstrations to groups of technical or non-technical audiences.
  • Program Description: Technical Demo Presentation Skills is customized for the technical presenter. This three day program for twelve participants is practical and business focused. Participants master the fundamental presentation principles necessary to develop engaging relationships with their users and customers. Hands-on learning activities focus on content development and delivery in the technical environment. Individuals receive comprehensive Line by Line Coaching™ on a business presentation which culminates in a final customer-ready presentation of 30 minutes in length.

Accelerate! Advanced Presentation Skills

  • Target Audience: Business leaders, including executives, vice presidents, directors, and senior managers.
  • Program Description: Even though you give presentations on a regular basis and feel confident in your skills, you know that continued skill training is vital to your long-term success. As business challenges emerge, you want to make certain that your speaking skills remain sharp and polished so you can project an image of confidence and communicate with greater strength and clarity. Yet your time is precious and you don't want to invest in training that will keep you out of the office.

Executive Immersion

  • Target Audience: Executives, emerging leaders, high potentials, global leaders, and anyone who is currently or training to be in a leadership role.
  • Program Description: Executive Immersion gives leaders a clear, professional analysis of skills, key insights into strengths, and a diplomatic and constructive review of development areas. Working with a coach over time gives leaders the opportunity for deep immersion in the process and practice of public speaking. The customized schedule includes four face-to-face sessions every four to six weeks plus three phone sessions.

Building Professional Presence

  • Target Audience: The general workforce, including employees, individual contributors, and supervisors.
  • Program Description: Building Professional Presence is a one-day program designed to give a general audience exposure to the best practices of creating and delivering powerful presentations. During this lively and educational session for up to twenty five participants, individuals engage in activities and exercises designed to help them understand the fundamental principles of public speaking.