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On the Road: My Experience Teaching PowerPoint

On the Road: My Experience Teaching PowerPoint
This is a guest post from Kirk Mossing, PowerPoint™ Consultant and Trainer.
What do Audiences REALLY Think About PowerPoint?
Travelling across the nation and working with clients like Google and Stanford University, I routinely ask my students one key question: “As an audience member, what do you hate most about [...]

Three quick tips for improving your connection with your audience

Nick Morgan, author of Trust Me: Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma, is one of the nation’s top communication coaches. He graciously contributed the following post. Please take a moment to explore Nick’s blog and his wonderful insights contained within. 
Connection with an audience is a goal all speakers want to achieve, but it can be elusive.  How can you ensure [...]

“Dr.” Barack Obama: 100 Days of Good Medicine

Barack Obama is growing on me. As a public speaking professional, I found it a bit difficult to transition from watching the pyrotechnics of The Clintons to the calming candlelight of Barack Obama. But from the moment he opened his 100 day press conference on April 29, I found myself hooked in a whole new [...]

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