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Archive for May, 2009

IM, Text, and Tweet…Oh My!

The overwhelming proliferation of Instant Messaging (IM), text messages, and Twitter has long placed linguists on alert.  The seamless incorporation of these media into everyday life and communication is astounding.  From 2001 to 2002, text messages leapt from 30 million sent to nearly 1 billion. Records also show that in March 2008, over 3 million [...]

A Lasting Impression: A Lesson Once Again on the Power of Stories

It happened once again. I was at my son’s commencement ceremony last weekend and heard two thoughtful and inspiring speakers, Ann Hagedorn and Orlando Taylor. I also heard Jessica Morgan Hall give the senior class address. After the last cap had been tossed in the air, hugs and kisses generously given and photos snapped from [...]

Quintessential Public Speaking: The Commencement Address

When my son was in the 8th grade I had the privilege of preparing and coaching the graduation speakers of Kent Middle School in Kentfield, California. The speakers were terrific, and those speeches were everything a good graduation speech should be: personal, hopeful, reflective, inspiring, cautionary and funny. They were also well organized with a [...]

“Dr.” Barack Obama: 100 Days of Good Medicine

Barack Obama is growing on me. As a public speaking professional, I found it a bit difficult to transition from watching the pyrotechnics of The Clintons to the calming candlelight of Barack Obama. But from the moment he opened his 100 day press conference on April 29, I found myself hooked in a whole new [...]

Mine That Bird, Calvin Borel and What the Kentucky Derby Can Teach Us about Public Speaking

I’m a horse racing fan and especially love the Kentucky Derby. During most racing events I don’t usually pay much attention to the jockeys. Being a horse lover, I keep my eyes glued to the elegant, glorious high performing thoroughbreds who never fail to take my breath away. But at last Saturday’s Kentucky Derby I [...]

Meet The Bad Speaker

A Public Speaking War Story
If you’re ever looking for an entertaining conversation starter, ask people to share their public speaking war stories – their fumbles, blunders, flubs, and otherwise embarrassing moments.  

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