Public Speaking and The Holidays

The Holidays are a time to celebrate the many joys of the season and to enjoy the company of those you cherish. In addition to my wonderful family, relatives and friends, I am grateful for my colleagues and clients and the many new connections that I’ve made this year through my blog.


So I’d like to say thank you to YOU, our wonderful readers, and give you the gift of our first “blog carnival.”  Below you will find thirteen blog posts by an outstanding group of public speakers. They have shared their thoughts, tips and musings on the theme of Public Speaking and The Holidays.


I offer my sincere thanks to our contributors for their participation and I look forward to making this blog carnival a continuing feature for you all to enjoy.


Don’t Toast The Holidays: How Presenters Can Give A Toast Without Toasting A Relationship

Jim Anderson – The Accidental Communicator

“A poorly given toast can burn a relationship.”


How to Mix and Mingle Your Way through the Dreaded Holiday Party

Lisa Braithwaite – Speak Schmeak

Learn how to manage your anxiety, let go of your fear, and genuinely enjoy yourself at Holiday parties.


Tis the Season for Public Speaking

Terry Gault – Speak Fearlessly

5 simple guidelines for communicating at a Holiday gathering.


3 Gifts of Feedback

John Goalby – World Champion Evaluator

Three types of feedback gifts that one can give to experienced speakers.


Speaking Of…The Holiday Season

Marilyn E. JessSpeaking Of…

Suggestions on how to listen more and speak less to improve one’s public speaking skills this Holiday Season.


How to Schmooze, Mingle, and Make Small Talk at Your Holiday Party

Lisa B. Marshall – The Art of Speaking Business

10 tips towards mastering the art of mingling at your office party.


How to Propose a Toast

Olivia Mitchell – Speaking about Presenting

7 ways to give the gift of public speaking this Holiday Season.


Public Speaking and the Holidays

Nick Morgan – Nick Morgan’s blog

An historical look at public speaking during festive occasions.


A Toast to the Season

Kathy Reiffensein – Professionally Speaking…

A few tips to keep in mind as you toast the Season.


All We Want for Christmas – A Presentation Wish List for 2009

Scott Schwertly – ethos3

Top 10 most wanted public speaking items.


 Giving Thanks from the Podium

Stephanie Scotti – Speaker Notes

Reflect on this past year’s gifts and blessings with a video of the 2009 Voice of Democracy winner.


A Gift for Speakers and Would-be Speakers

Martin Shovel – Creativity Works

“A medley of tips on how to prepare – and write – a speech or presentation that will make an audience sit up and listen.”


A Holiday Speech for the Ages

Cynthia Sparks – Starks Communications

A reflection on Christmas sermons from Cynthia’s favorite priests.


Public Speaking for the Holidays: Beware

George Torok – Executive Speech Coach

Unplanned speeches during the Holidays can be dangerous!