Blog Carnival: The Impact of Public Speaking on Top Sales Performance

Over the last few weeks I’ve been engaged in discussions with a number of talented and experienced sales professionals. Our conversations have focused on various aspects of the sales process including: establishing credibility, understanding customer needs, reviewing various options and recommending a solution. Everyone was in agreement about one thing. No matter where you are in the sales process, strong communication skills including exceptional presentation skills are critical for success.

DeFinis Communications supports sales professionals with many programs in our core curriculum especially Recharge! Boost Your Sales Performance. I have always loved working with salespeople in this program because they are eager to embrace new ideas about presenting.

So with our latest blog carnival, I thought it would be interesting to ask eleven other experts to share their views on this important topic: The Impact of Public Speaking on Top Sales Performance.  I highly recommend that you spend time learning more about each of our talented contributors. They have a lot of valuable information to share. Enjoy!

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The Impact of Public Speaking on Top Sales Performance Tim Gordon – Communication Steroids What is the number one skill most lacking in people applying to sales positions?

The Impact of Public Speaking on Top Sales Performance Nicole Henderson/Chuck Kuglen – Speak Fearlessly 4 tips to positively impact your sales with public speaking!

If you want to be good at sales, you need to learn how to present Gavin Meikle – Inter Activ Gavin’s principles of great presenting will lead to better sales.

Intention: Are you selling or being sold? Kate Peters – Kate’s Voice How to look at your communication from the perspective of intention.

The Sales Presentation Kathy Reiffensein – Professionally Speaking… Top sales performers fully focus on their audience. Do you?

Sell more with superior presentation skills George Torok – Executive Speech Coach George breaks down what it takes to create a successful sales presentation.

The Secret of a Steve Jobs Sales Pitch Martin Shovel – Creativity Works How does Steve Jobs create such effective sales performances?

Monologue as Dialogue Beth Smith – Sims Wyeth An interesting look at how public speaking can have a potential negative impact on sales.

5 Presentation Tips to Increase Sales Tomorrow Jonathan Thomas – Presentation Advisors Master these five tips and you’ll be selling like hot cakes!

The Impact of Public Speaking on Top Sales Performance Norman Wei – Excellence in Presentations An in-depth analysis of how to make an excellent sales presentation.