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BizTechDay 2009

Are you a public speaker and entrepreneur with a great message, but not sure how to reach more customers? Are you a Small Business Owner with a great product and service, but feel like your marketing just doesn’t work and you are wasting a great deal of time and money?

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, BizTechDay 2009 is the place for you! I was a participant at last year’s conference and was astounded at the rich educational and networking opportunities available. I met new friends and learned a whole new approach to marketing – which I’m pleased to say is paying off. This year I will be a featured speaker at one of the breakouts. I’ll be offering our signature Line by Line video coaching in short bursts for anyone who signs up. The focus of the coaching will be to help business owners refine their pitch. 

From BizTech’s CEO & Founder, Edith Young: 

When: October 22-23, 2009 (Thursday & Friday)
Where: Hyatt Regency SFO, Burlingame, CA

BizTechDay 2009 is a practical, hands-on and experiential Small Business Strategy, Social Media and networking conference where expert speakers and business leaders (from Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Yelp, Virgin America, Elance, Constant Contact, Justin.TV, WordPress, CBS 5, and Comcast Business Class) share their insights and experience and help your business get up to speed in this economic downturn.


Through high-impact keynotes & panels, small group executive round table sessions, hands on demos and one-on-one meetings, you will learn about Raising Money, Selling and Social Media Marketing for your business:

Money Track
How to Raise $100,000 to 3 Million. Meet Paypal Angel Investor and Founder of the Keiretsu Forum.
How to Raise $5000 - $100,000 for Your Business.
How to Access Investment Capital and Make the Federal Stimulus Program Work for You. Meet Experts from the California Governor’s office.
Building Partnerships with Fortune 500 Companies

Marketing / Selling Track
Building a Strong Business Brand. Meet Experts from Google, Yelp, Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter
Securing Your Number One Spot on Google
Selling to the Baby Boomer and GenY Communities
Selling to Women & the LGBT Communities
How to Make the Media Love You - join Sue Kwon, Emmy Award Journalist, CBS 5
13 Things All Business Owners Must Know About a Compelling Business Website
How to Use an Email Marketing Campaign to Build Your Database and Close Sales

Social Media Track
Twittering with the Star with Kevin Rose & Tim Ferriss
How to Get Media, Celebrity or Blogger Attention for Your Business
Strategies of Building Your Online Community from Zero to Millions
Turning Visitors into Customers Using Viral Videos
How to Market Your Business on Facebook
How to Make Money on Twitter

Here’s the list of speakers you will meet at BizTechDay 2009:

In addition to Tim & Kevin, they are coming too!
Porter Gale - VP Marketing at Virgin America
Michael Gerber - World’s No 1 Small Business Guru per Inc Magazine and the New York Times Best Selling Author of the E-Myth
Matt Mullenweg - Founder of WordPress
Kevin Hartz - Paypal Angel Investor
Fabio Rosati - CEO of Elance
Joel Comm - Creator of iFart iPhone App - Over 1 Million downloads
Gary Swart - CEO of oDesk
Mark O’Leary - Regional VP for Business Services for Comcast
Randy Williams, Founder of Keiretsu Forum. The World’s largest angel investor network - over $180m invested in 200 companies
Chris Larsen - Founder of
Michelle Broderick - Director of Marketing at Yelp
Alison Covarrubias - Founder & CEO of Hatch Network
Julie Castro Abrams - CEO of Women’s Initiative
Justin Kan - Founder of Justin.TV
Ramon Ray - Chief Editor of
And 40+ more thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Plus, you can sign up for one-on-one consultations on raising money, social media marketing strategy, blogging, SEO, Paid Search Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many other essential business topics.

The BizTech day founders want you to stop wasting time with tactics that produce little or mediocre results and start to forge successfully ahead with the right knowledge, right tools and right connections.

Regular Conference Pass: $595
Linkedin Members - Save $200 and Use Discount Code: LinkedinMembers

Join today ->

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