Commonwealth Club of California: New Service Offered

One of our greatest Bay Area resources for learning about current events and watching an array of talented, educational and inspiring speakers is the Commonwealth Club of California. And to add to their already hefty local presence is the launch of The Club’s online video channel. This channel is a members-only benefit. Members can watch live video of events taking place in The Club’s main San Francisco auditorium; submit questions for the speakers and even text chat with other viewers. The channel also broadcasts video from previously recorded events so if you happen to miss a terrific speaker you can catch them at your convenience. The Club has a long history of videotaping its programs. You will find hundreds of them on and YouTube, so go take a look. This is an amazing resource for public speakers!


We are lucky to have the Commonwealth Club of California right here in the Bay Area but many local communities offer similar live current events calendars. Please let me know what your community (large or small) offers and I will post it. I’d like to promote various speaker forums and provide as many resources to the speaking community as I can. So send them on!