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A Public Speaking Lesson from Contest Winner, Donne Davis

I am pleased to announce that Donne Davis, founder of the GaGaSisterhood (“Where Grandmas bond, brag and benefit”), has won free attendance at our Encore! Elegant Skills for Powerful Presentations seminar that is occurring today and tomorrow, September 29 and 30 at the Crown Plaza Cabana Hotel in Palo Alto, CA.


Congratulations Donne for winning a prize worth $1,195! 


It was a pleasant surprise to pull Donne’s name out of the raffle hat since I had the privilege of working with her when she attended the National Speakers Association/ Northern California Chapter Pro Track program in 2008. At that time Donne had just founded the GaGaSisterhood and was beginning to speak publically to get the word out.


A Natural Communication Style

Donne is a delightful person who has a sincere and natural communication style and an appealing message to grandmas everywhere! Her gentle enthusiasm combined with a passion for her topic engenders trust in her audience. The challenge she faced was in learning to project greater physical energy by using her body language and vocal skills more intensely. In one short coaching session she quickly learned to let her body speak as loudly as her words and in the process she became a more compelling and engaging speaker.


Life Long Learning   

While Donne moved forward during our short coaching session she wanted a deeper learning experience with more focused coaching. As someone who believes that continuous improvement is critical for career advancement and personal success, she wanted to refine her presentation skills even more. While one short video coaching session provides a foundation for success, becoming a highly competent and confident public speaker is a journey that requires perseverance, dedication and hard work over time. So, she decided to take a chance on a free class -and won!


While I regret that I am not there to work with Donne this week (I’m working with clients on the east coast), she is in the excellent hands of our talented senior consultant and master trainer Kathy Andre. I’m sure Donne will grow tremendously from the Encore! experience and achieve her public speaking goals.


You Could Be Next

What can you do to move to your next level? If you want to receive valuable public speaking information, tips and resources, sign up for our newsletter and blog. And if you want to challenge yourself and accelerate your presentation skills with an in-depth training program and focused coaching, sign up for our video based two-day Encore! program. Our October programs are sold out but registration is still open for our two-day Encore program November 17 & 18, 2009 in Palo Alto, CA register today.


And don’t forget to participate in our next contest. You could be the next grand prize winner!


Many thanks to everyone who entered our contest – and many thanks to Donne Davis for being an inspiration to us all!

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  1. Tyrone Stepchinski

    i love your writing style :-)

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